Project: Vacation in New Zealand

When you have worked hard through a big project it is key to go rest and relax doing something you enjoy. My current project is to see as much of New Zealand for 25 days and then spend a week with family catching up for the holidays. So how does vacation relate to project management?  It is a project. You can choose to purchase a tour which is paying a company to plan and book in advance for you or you can self guide and plan it all in advance. Given I spend most of my time planning, I choose to approach vacation with a more casual approach by booking a destination, place ticket and travel guide with some general plans about route. Then I use the time travelling to plan the next destination, travel means and take advantage of talking with locals and other travellers about the best places to go. This ensure I have time for spontanaity and not missing the best places that may not be in the guidebook. I usually use a mix of accomodations sometimes camping, hotels or hostel type places based on what’s available. So far I have packed in kayaking, hiking, abseiling 100 meters, climbing through limestone caves, touring cities of Auckland, Wellington and many small townships along the way. A “helihike” is coming up soon at the Franz Joseph Glacier. I am very excited and looking forward to a great day!  New Zealand is an amazing country full of national parks, tons of lakes, coastal sights and hiking trails. It is also full of adrenalin boosting extreme sports and sky diving seems to be a popular activity with other travellers. The escape from projects and normal routine is inspiring me with many new projects and ideas for when I return. So take this as a reminder to make sure you take down time and go do your favorite activities or plan your next adventure to see the big amazing world out there to explore!  I will post some pics when I return.


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