How to Say Goodbye

At “Making Project Management Better Blog”, Alec Satin has written an insightful strategies to deal with team members leaving. This can become uncomfortable and can be awkward if you are leaving company or you have team members leaving through reduction efforts or projects ending or have been cancelled. Read the article on How to Say Goodbye. Above all keep a positive attitude even if the reasons are confusing and you are feeling hurt that you were chosen. Be respectful to colleagues as you would want to be treated as your relationships are important for future opportunities.

Working in large organizations, these situations are common and people deserve to be celebrated for their commitment and dedication to the project while they were on it. Jobs aren’t guaranteed or controllable, but you can choose your attitude and response to tough situations.  Goodbyes are tough and can be traumatic for person leaving as well as those left to deal with aftershocks. Communicate openly, do what you can to transfer info, make a plan to stay connected, follow through on what  you say you will.  Leave with the legacy you want to be remembered for and not a reactive response that does not serve you professionally.

Please share other ideas and strategies you have used to manage through the tough goodbyes.


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