Dealing with Difficult People

An interesting and useful post on Dealing with Difficult people from the Think Simple Now Blog. Some of the key points are below but check out the full post now.

In every project and through your day, you will encounter that person and situation that you need to decide how to respond.  There are many practical suggestions in this post on dealing with those difficult encounters. Review and pick a few to try when the next event in your project needs to be managed. Employing these techniques can smoothe the way and help you to decide when a response is and is not apporpriate. Becoming a master at managing difficult persons and situations will only lead you to manage high payoff projects for high impact results.

Here are some tips for dealing with a difficult person or negative message:


2. Wait it Out

3. “Does it really matter if I am right?

4. Don’t Respond

5. Stop Talking About It

6. Be In Their Shoes

7. Look for the Lessons

8. Choose to Eliminate Negative People In Your Life

9. Become the Observer

10. Go for a Run … or a swim, or some other workout.

11. Worst Case Scenario

12. Avoid Heated Discussions

13. Most Important

14. Pour Honey

15. Express It


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