Project Tips: 9 Ways to reset expectations

One of the activities that any program or project manager must do is keep expectations in line with project deliverables. The perception or view of project success or failure is based on what people expect to be accomplished versus what actually is. Here are some quick tips to use.

  1. Manage to communicate, communicate, communicate throughout the entire project
  2. Always do what you say you’re going to do!
  3. Don’t ignore any warning signs, dig into concerns and make sure they are addressed.
  4. Keeping the project schedules and issues logs current, and review them with your team regularly.
  5. Manage changes and communicate them out timely
  6. Manage risks in the project, have owner and mitigation/ action plans to address and let others know there is attention to managing them
  7. Listen to your team! Don’t shoot anyone for raising red flags and challenging questions.
  8. Escalate major issues when you need to, whether to a steering committee, management, or other stakeholders.
  9. Continue to set expectations, reset expectations and calibrate all players as appropriate.

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