3 Strategies to Build Trust in Your Team

Currency is a common language of communicating in modern society today. You work hard for currency and have a value assigned, it easily flows daily through many mechanisms. Life is tough without it as where it is in short supply, bartering systems become the currency which is not as readily traded. Trust flows as well. In relationships and in your project team your ability to rely on others, work together well, and experience believable communication is dependent on how well you build a foundation of trust.

For business and family, trust is required for survival. Are you feeding it or destroying it in your team?

3 Ideas for building trust in your team
1. Frequent and timely communication – team members proactively keep one another informed of new information, changes, and issues. Work to include the right people in meetings so you have the right involvement
2. How you manage high pressure situations – There are always schedule constraints, resource issues, budget changes that will test how team works through issues. Trusting teams work together and draw from one another rather than get defensive or accusatory when tough times come. All projects undergo these situations or you are not working aggressively enough. Team members band together and focus on finding solutions and do not resort to personal attacks.

3. Positive Attitude – Showing commitment and enthusiasm as a project manager or team leader goes along way to how others view the project. When there is enthusiasm and letting others know they are great is important. Tell them that they are awesome, you couldn’t have done it without them. As these are all deposits to the bank account that pay dividends later.

How can you start restoring trust in your team? Take a deep evaluation a to what the reasons may be. If you find specific areas with specific individuals you can start with an apology and intent to change. Ask for help to correct situation with team member. You can start with “I’m sorry” and your feelings about situation, ask how you can change situation or make it better, and then ask for forgiveness. Another technique can be to express that you want to change a behavior or habit and be upfront about asking for their feedback and help to make the changes.

What other methods do you employ to build trust?


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