The 10 Unbreakable Rules for Getting Projects Done

This is a great article on the unbreakable rules of project management.

Why do so few projects succeed? Despite the decades of increasingly complex attempts to manage projects, far too many managers overlook the 10 Unbreakable Rules for Project Success. As outlined below, these common sense guidelines hold the key to increasing your success rate and delivering greater consistency across your project’s lifecycle.
Rule #1: Know what you are doing
Rule #2: Know why you are doing it
Rule #3: Be prudent, honest and prepared
Rule #4: Play to your strengths
Rule #5: Know how to navigate
Rule #6: Know how to communicate
Rule #7: Know how to succeed
Rule #8: Know how to fail
Rule #9: Know when the project is over
Rule #10: Know how to learn

For full article text click here


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