Life is full of Projects

Program management is one of those terms that people say “What?” when you say that is what I do. Simple program management is an ongoing experience with a general objective. So relating to your life, if you pick what your purpose and missiong are that is where you are headed. There are so many “projects” that are included along the way. New projects are defined and implemented all the time. For example, when I plan a party, plan a decorating project or upgrade the house, vacation plans, and the list could go on forever. Life is a program consisting of many different projects. At its most basic level of planning in life, is to use a list. Regardless of all the excuses I hear, people that don’t at a minimum make a list do not prioritize and use their time as effectively as can be done.

Managing a program for business is much the same way, you need to design the overall goals and objectives you are pursueing. Their may not be a completion criteria but there will be for projects within the program. Tools can be used from detailed descriptions, project management software, word document, powerpoint. Each company has a different way of operating so figure what will be the most useful, easily accessible and clear way of communicating. Communication is critical when you have many people involved and contributing to the project. Even if you are a small business owner, you can hire out pieces that are not your passion and expertise. Those people you hire become your team and clear plans are important so everyone in the team can do what they do best.

When you can tap into the tools and techniques used in large scale programs whether it be a project at home or work you will optimize and learn the results with dramatically increase. You are all a program manager and define projects all the time that you want to complete. I hope you will take a few minutes to think about which projects in your life may be working really well (getting all the results desired and more) versus those that are struggling.

What program and project management techniques should you employ to multiply your results? Pick 1 today and implement. It is just baby steps to get more results. 1% improvement everyday adds up quickly and you won’t look back but only how much more time and results you are getting.


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