Collaborate for success

Collaboration is one of the driving forces behind superior project and program management. No matter what you read, you’ll probably find something in it about collaboration these days. There are many views. Interestingly, in the Dictionary, “collaboration” has two definitions:

1. working together—the act of working together with one or more people in order to achieve something

2. working with enemy—the betrayal of others by working with an enemy, especially an occupying force

Most people have experienced collaboration and have also had experience where little to none was present. In the project environment, it is critical. The depth of strength of planning and development is dependant on how well you can coordinate and facilitate collaboration in the team. Having a team that is integrated, aligned and working together well will be a key driver in delivering successful projects.

As I meet other project managers, I’m impressed to see the progress you’ve made in building project teams one piece at a time. You are great PM, working to advocate the need to work together creatively, and making sure that project collaboration is recognized as a crucial piece to the team delivering a project.

Partnering with vendors, contractors, managers, team member is what collaboration is about and a foundational element to productive work. this can be hiring, outsourcing, consultants, and finding the very best people you can to work on your team. The better the collaboration between parties, the better the results will be. It is each individual who really makes it all work. Continue to pursue excellence by creatively collaborating with others, and you will elevate the project to world-class status.

How do you collaborate in difficult situations?

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