New Adventures

Hi, My name is Amy. I am excited to begin sharing the journey of  getting work accomplished. There is a common element to life and to the field of PM’s that is all about getting projects done. While there is much available on the skills part of it, the real art and innovation comes in the challenge of acceleration of work, rescuing the failing project, getting unstuck and managing a turn around to meet the goal. How you shape the work you manage into programs or projects, it is key to take careful consideration for what is decided and how you pursue the work. There are many theories and practical ways. My focus is on the savvy ways to reach those “High Payoff Results” faster, with less cost and less resistance along the way. My learning is through the amazing mentors, your experiences and stories that I hope you will share. This is a dialogue so please ask questions and I would like your opinions and ideas so we can build the know how and power we have to delivering results for clients, customers or your boss. It requires that innovative thinking to not pursue the same strategies and methods and seek the high road when challenges come. I wish you massive success in all your life projects!


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